Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cheap Drunk #4: Free Booze

There's cheap wine, there's your flask and then there is free booze which, if you can afford the metrocard, tops the cake in my book. It also affords a great opportunity to get out of your shack and meet up with other Hobos and hob nob with the gentry, ie: network.

Mackey just alerted me to this article from the New York Times:

Myopenbar.com has been around since 2005 but is now attracting more listings, promotions and readers than ever, despite — or perhaps because of — the tanking economy and shrinking advertising dollars and liquor sales at bars. The site’s founders, Seva Granik and Jason Fried, said that more bars and restaurants are clamoring to get their events listed, eager to drive customers through the door. And, to no one’s surprise, demand for free drinks is skyrocketing. (Liquor sales are considered recession-proof, though one recent study by the Nielsen Company suggests that while sales at liquor stores have increased, people are going out to nightclubs and bars far less frequently.)

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