Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cheap Drunk #3: The Flask is your friend

Its unavoidable that you'll have to occasionally hit a bar with your buds and aside from making sure that there is a convenient happy hour, the other thing you can do to ensure you get a healthy buzz on without emptying your wallet is to bring a flask. Now, as an occasional bartender I must frown on drinking your own hooch at any establishment, but as a hobo, your funds are tight and its not like you'll be laying down 8 bucks for a shot of whiskey anyways so it is acceptable as long as you are buying a pint of beer and tipping well.
As Doc pointed out, 1.5 liters of Philadelphia whiskey is just shy of 16 bucks. That's a lot of booze for what would have cost ya for only two shots. That's what I like to call bar math.

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