Monday, December 15, 2008

Hobos, not bums.

Look, as a recently Hoboized American you do have to face some harsh truths about your new lowered status in society. A lot of pride will have to be thrown away if you want to survive, but you don't have to give away all of it. It's true that you're a Hobo now, but take heart in the fact that at least you're not a bum.

What's the difference,? Well bums are smelly and useless and just sit around on the streets all day. why do you think they call them bums? -Always sitting around on them.

You my friend are not a bum. You're a Hobo. you're not useless, you provide people with nifty harmonica music, and tales of the open road. You add "local color" to your neighborhood. Heck, you don't even smell, you clean yourself with economy brand soap.

Remember, you're not living on the street. You're just taking a leisurely stroll between locales.

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