Monday, December 22, 2008

Hobo Reading Group

Hobo's don't have much money to travel, that's why we ride the rails. But the best way to travel, especially during the feakishly cold months when all you want to do is warm your hands over a nice oil drum fire in a back alley is to read about travel. That's why I choose Drink, Play, F@#K by Andrew Gottlieb as the first Hobo Reading Group book pick. Its got everything you need to escape the humdrum dark cold days of winter. Drinking to excess in Ireland, gambling for fun in Vegas, looking for sex in Thailand and finding true love all served up with a healthy dose of humor and some valuable life lessons like "pace yourself" . It reads like a hilarious memoir playing off the well known Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert down to the jacket art. If you look closely you'll notice that "Drink" is spelled out of bottle caps, "Play" out of poker chips and "F@#k" out of condoms. Brilliant.

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