Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Top Hobo Chef Challenge

So I took yesterday's ingredients and made what I like to call "Hobo Ramen." It's actually not that bad and tastes surprisingly a little like spaghetti carbonara and it breaks down to $1.25 for one meal. Approx 740 calories.

Here's what you need:
2 tbs minced onion
2 oz diced SPAM
2 oz diced Velveeta
1 packet Ramen Noodles (toss out the spice pack)
a handful of green peas (optional, but you should always have frozen peas on hand to add to soups, and use as a cold pack)
salt, pepper, oil.

First, saute your minced onion in some oil (I still have some olive oil left) and a little salt. Once it begins to wilt, toss in the diced SPAM. The key to making SPAM tasty is to add black pepper, and fry it till it becomes nice and crisp little nuggets. While that's going, begin your water for the Ramen. Once the SPAM is nice and crispy, dump it from the pan onto some paper towel to soak up the extra grease. Cook up your Ramen for about 3 minutes, drain, and toss into your skillet with the cheese, peas and SPAM. Stir it up till the Velveeta melts and serve it up in a bowl. Makes one serving. If you want you can add a little milk to thin the sauce a bit.

-bon appetit

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