Monday, December 8, 2008

SPAM on sale at Park Slope Key Food

Yup, that's right. I bought a 12 oz can of SPAM today ($2.99 marked down from $3.49) along with Velveeta ($2.40), Ramen (5 for $1) and I splurged on a carton of Tropicana Pineapple OJ ($2.99 but not sentenced to jail time) so I don't get the scurvy (cuz nothing's worse than spongy gums). Stay tuned for my recipe. Oh, btw, SPAM now has a convenient easy to open SPAM Single you can buy for $1.29. That's so not cost effective. If I had thought ahead, I would have stolen some of the art exhibits at the SPAM Carving Contest in Seattle back in 1995. My favorite: Interview with a SPAMpire.

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