Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hobo Healthcare

Tis the season to get the cold or flu, and if you're like me, you are lacking healthcare. The solution? Your credit card, the local Duane Reade and health food store. We all know the answer to any cold/flu is lots of fluids and lots of sleep and I've discovered that Nyquil is the next best thing to Bear DNA. After 24 hrs of heavy doses of Herbal Yogi Teas like Throat Coat and Echinachea, as well as over the counter remedies like Theraflu, Zicam and Nyquil i slept and sweated the whole thing out in 4 hr increments. Wake up? Take another shot of Nyquil and sleep away that pesky cold. Any other ailments? Well that's what your Hobo Network (Hobonet) is for. Your Hobonet is your goto resource for diagnosis and cures as someone within that group has come down with a similar ailment and might at one time had the prescription drugs to deal with it and might have some left over. The only side effect is the damn insomnia that follows 24 hrs of sleep.

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Sarah said...

Just be sure to actually pay for your nyquil, unlike Mr. Johnson here: