Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cheap Drunk #2: Ghetto Chard

New Year's Eve is a time for revelry, and consumption of mass quantities. As a hobo you can't exactly afford to go on a bender at the local bar, but you can appear to be mr money bags when you show up with 3 bottles of Tisdale Chardonnay at your friend's party. Sterling Grapes and Grains on 5th ave in Park Slope offers up this ghetto chard for the rock bottom price of 10.99 for 3 bottles. At that price, after you've had your first glass, the other 2 and 2/3 bottles are essentially free. Its like being paid to drink! And with the generous offer of 3 bottles of wine that you bring to any party, no one will give you a 2nd glance as you move on to the more expensive booze and champagne.

Tisdale, putting "Tis" in "Tis the Season" for years. I promise, tis not the stuff of hangovers.

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