Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Buddy System

Okay everyone , have you picked your Hobo Buddy?
We've already talked a bit about the psychological burdens of being a nouveau hobo, or nouveaubo- and that it's going to be a long hard journey of bad vibes and negative emotions. Which is why it's so important to get yourself a Hobo Buddy now.

You'll need a good friend, someone who has know you for a while and is willing to put up with your mood swings and bad days; cause there's going to be an assload of those. Your Hobo Buddy should live within walking distance from your apartment, shantytown, or refrigerator box - a Hobo Buddy you can't afford to meet up with is of no use. And of course your Hobo Buddy will also have to be a freelancer, or recent member of the downsized or unemployed. After all commiseration is what we're after here.

Once you've chosen your Buddy there are many important ways you'll be utilizing this friendship. Try to schedule daily walks or meetups at a favorite bench or early happy hour. With no job to get you out of bed you'll need these little scheduled events and peer support to get your ass out into the sunlight every day- remember, rickets are no fun, and the sunlight may help your crappy crappy attitude. Your daily strolls will also serve as your only form of excersize.

You'll also need a Hobo buddy to bounce all of your get-rich-quick schemes and zaney plans to obtain food off of. A Hobo Buddy can often serve as that sounding board that let's you know which ideas are merely poorly thought out and which ones are leading down the path to insanity.

Your Hobo Buddy is your lifeline and you theirs. it's a sacred trust. You're there to cheer each other up, keep each other going, share bread crusts with, fight off shantytown marauding wolf packs with, bro-hug for warmth and keep each other on the rocky road of sanity. Think of your Hobo Buddy as a reciprocal AA sponsor, but one you can share a flask with.

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