Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cheap Drunk - #1

Welcome To Cheap Drunk, a new ongoing and frankly, long overdue, feature here at the BHT, where all of our contributers will sound off on that most essential aspect of the Hobo lifestyle... how to dull the pain with alcohol.

With Cheap Drunk we'll deal with various economically-viable sources of alcohol, tips on who has the best Brooklyn happy hours and specials, where to find discount liquor stores, booze and drink reviews, and various other aspects of the fine art of getting tanked.

Today my Hobo Stroll took me in search of supplies for my shack. I'd earned a couple of bucks as a participant in a focus group last night and was flush with coin. Remember, when you do manage to get paid for something this is the optimal time to go buy something in bulk. Everything is cheaper and it's rare that you'll have enough money to take advantage of the concept. Strike while the iron is hot! But I digress.

I needed to obtain representatives of the three staples of drinking: Booze, Wine and Beer. In this venture as in future editions of Cheap Drunk, I was looking for the three standards: Philadelphia Whiskey ("It's Not That bad") in the big-ass size, a Large 1.5 litre bottle of red wine, and a six pack of cheap beer (fyi Coors is NEVER an option)

Today's destination was the discount liquor store inside the Pathmark down by the Lowes Home Center. I don't even know what you'd call this neighborhood... Google charitably calls it Park Slope, The official Pathmark website refers to this as the "Gowanus Pathmark". Do those word even make sense? Am I marking the Gowanus Path ? But I digress again...

Anyways. This rather depressing little shopping center is actually worth the stroll, as this litle known liquor store is chock full of reasonably priced (for New York) Alcohlic goodies.

Big Ass Philadelphia= $15.56
Big Red Wine ( Frontera Cabernet/ Merlot= $6.49

In my excitement I neglected to visit the Pathmark itself for beer. So on the way shackward I swung by the 9th Street Steve's C-Townon the Park Slope border for a 6 pack of Natural Ice, forgoing the 12pack in favor of eating.

Natural Ice 6pack= $3.59 + 30¢ can deposit
Natural Ice 12pack= $7.19 + 60¢ can deposit

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