Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Manhattan Hobos Are Kicking Our Butts

They've done it. Those uppity City hobos have gotten the better of us yet again. If you can afford the subway fare into Manahttan, stroll by Madison Square Park and take a gander. Oh, sure, the sign claims it's "art" by "Tadashi Kawamata," but you can't fool us: these are Luxury Hobo Condos, complete with easy subway access and park views. They're sitting up there with their ramen noodles and stolen wi-fi laughing at us.

Let's step it up, Brooklyn. There's plenty of room in the back of the refrigerator box for a gym and laundry room; park it next to the Gowanus and you've got instant waterfront real estate. We need to show those snotty Manhattan bastards what we're made of.

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